Lots of Logistics

We had folks from RI and CT as well as Sandwich, MA with us today.  Some were demonstrating their last water skills before being graduated as NAUI Instructors.  Others were just beginning the NAUI Instructor training process.  There was a refresher process going on too.  We were helped by Pete, Pat, and Veronica as crew.

Because the Blynman Bridge is locked in the down position, we were only using the boat as a staging area for the water work while the tide was low.  We were working on the beach at Niles and just off shore.

The air was warm at 72 degrees.  The water was OK at about 58.  Visibility (before it was stirred up by skills demos) was 10-15 feet.

I saw a quohog clam that was as big as my hand, standing on its hinge above the sand, with limpets growing on it.

Everyone helped us get the gear back onto the boat once it had returned to the marina.

Then it was off to the cookout/potluck at Stage Fort Park with local dive clubs.

Beautiful day with nice people.

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