USS New Hampshire Meets the USF New Hampshire

NAUI Instructors, Deb G. and Fred W. brought three divers with them from Connecticut.  Andrew and Betsy had ties to the USS New Hampshire and wanted to dive on the wreck of the frigate New Hampshire, if possible.  The other diver, Kerri, had ties to the USS Dallas and wanted to see the wreck too.  We were happy to oblige.  We had Pete, Pat, and Veronica as crew.

The tide was just turning as we glided under the bridge.  What a surprise to see Lynn C. and her blond-haired daughter, Nicolette, waving from the sidelines!  Then, we turned south as we exited Gloucester Harbor and were anchoring over the wreck in no time.  We saw Arni P. and his buddy just finishing up as we settled in.  Their boat was anchored right over one of the well-known “glory holes.”  No wonder he has such luck in finding treasure at the site.  Thanks again, Arnie, for giving us the key chains made from USF NH copper sheathing nails. 

Everyone was quick to splash in and get oriented with Pete as the guide.  When one of the divers had trouble getting down and staying down, I rowed over with another three pound soft weight for her BC’s pocket.  That did the trick, she reported later.  I was also able to relieve some of the divers of their booty so they could continue to dig unhindered by copper shards and nails in their gloves.

When everyone returned to the boat, there were lots of exclamations over the variety of loot.  I think the digging frenzy exhibited by Pete must have swayed them, because the vote was to stay in the same place for the second dive.  As they were getting warmed up a little, I was visited by a tiny, disoriented sparrow up on the flying bridge.  It bumbled and banged its way onto the pile of net bags we use for lobstering.  I called Veronica up to ask her expert opinion about what kind of bird it was and what we should do about it.  She suggested it might be an Ipswich Sparrow

Maybe Our Visitor was an Ipswich Sparrow

Maybe Our Visitor was an Ipswich Sparrow

and recommended just leaving it alone to get destressed and reoriented.  Sure, enough.  Before the second dive started, it had recovered enough to fly up and off over to Graves Island.

More copper sheathing, complete with embedded nails, was recovered by Kerri with Pete’s help during the second dive.  She is a volunteer at the Mystic Aquarium and carefully washed away any sea creatures that accompanied the crumpled copper up from the bottom. 

Andrew and Betsy found a large ray during their second dive and followed it around the site.  Deb G. pulled out her wreck reel and showed its use to her students while Fred pondered what had caused his new dry suit to be not entirely dry.

Great day.  Very nice people.

One Response to “USS New Hampshire Meets the USF New Hampshire”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Excellent post. Sounds like you guys had a perfect weekend! I’ll be glad when I’m back on… Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

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