Chilly and Breezy

We had Todd R. and Bryan H. with us today.  They were easy to please.  I explained that the predicted conditions of a north wind would have us going south.  The Captain wanted to try Bemo Ledge, but as I turned left out of the mouth of Gloucester Harbor, the swells were splashing on Mother Ann rock.  I could tell Bemo wouldn’t be a good place today.

Instead, I turned south to Kettle Island and anchored inside the island in about 25 feet of relatively calm water next to Fran Marcoux’s Daybreaker.  He and his son were on board and their people were just finishing their second dive of the morning.  Pat and Kathy helped everyone else get ready.  The Captain and I were bubble watching today.  Pete and Bryan were diving together, while Todd was on his own.

The water was 55 degrees with about 12 feet of visibility.  The air was only about 50.  The wind was 10-15 out of the north.  It was partly overcast, but when little shards of sun broke through, the warmth was luscious.  Pete cooked vegetable soup and we used it to get our hands warm.  It was the first hot lunch of the fall.

The hunters returned happy, so we motored over to Coolidge Point for the second dive.  This time the water was a little shallower, but the visibility was about the same.  I aimed Todd at Saddle Rock and explained that there were often big lobsters in the fissures along its front (southwest-facing) edge.  He agreed that there were some big ones that were too far back in the hole for him to get.  His high-powered light was a great help in finding them.

As we motored home, the day brightened a little, but the wind kept up.  Angling back into the slip was a ropes and muscle affair.  Everyone did well, according to The Captain.

Todd was very generous with his catch so that anyone who wanted a lobster was able to take one home. 

Too chilly to be as much fun as it has been in recent weeks.

The people are what makes it doable under these conditions.

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