Last Trip of the Season

There were some Frogs on board today for what turned out to be the last charter of 2008.  Pat, Pete, Kathy and I crewed while The Captain kept the whole thing going.  We had Meg, Dan H., Paul S., Todd R., and Alli R. with us for a trip north under cloudy skies with a steadily increasing south wind.  We were going to get wet with Alli as a first step to helping her get her basic scuba certification.   On the way north, we saw a seal in the Annisquam just south of the railroad bridge.  It swam on the surface towards Gloucester Harbor and I passed it on our starboard side.  Its huge black eye seemed to be checking us out, but by the time I’d gotten everyone’s attention to look at it, it dived sleekly in a quick plunge.

As we exited the Annisquam River, I couldn’t see any other boats out at all.  Maybe everyone else had heeded the weather forecast which promised rain and 20 knot winds.  So far, the breeze was manageable because it was from the dead south direction.  The Restaurant at Folly Cove was going to be a good site for our newbee. 

It was – on the surface.  Underwater was suffering from the week’s worth of northerly winds that had blown silt and debris into the cove’s mouth.  There were underwater patches of 15 foot vis right next to where someone had just been adjusting their weights and stirred up the bottom.  The water was between 52 and 54, according to whom you asked.  The air was in the upper 50s.  Meg, Alli, Todd and I made our dive away from the pretty stone wall because there were fishermen and hooks at the walls’ deepest point.  Everyone was doing fine until the chill got too be too much.  Luckily for me, Peter descended to point us back to the boat without me having to ascend to find it.  The muck had gotten my sense of direction all twisted, so I didn’t have any idea where the boat was.

Meg and I continued the dive after Alli got out.  We saw some large crabs and several ghost traps with tiny starfish on them.  No decorator crabs anywhere, however.

For the second dive, we motored over to Lanesville Shores, off the cemetery.  It was calmer here because we got pretty close to the shore.  The underwater terrain was huge boulders and deep crevasses, but no dogfish.  Some of the hunters were happy with the place, so that made it OK.  Again, I dived with Meg, who did very well with her air.  I ran out of steam before she did, so asked if we could go back on the surface.  Turns out my drysuit had leaked down the folded neck seal because I’m not being careful enough as I tuck it in.  That could have added to my feeling of being cold, no doubt.  The bottom was about 30 feet with visibility in places in the 15 foot range. 

Pete cooked chili and we all used it to warm our hands and innards.

Too bad that the season’s over, but good to have had the last day end well.

One Response to “Last Trip of the Season”

  1. Kathy Says:

    The season is over… :o(

    Next year, I vow to be a better diver…or rather…a diver who spends actual amounts of time in the water… in a wet suit that fits…

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