First Trip of the 2009 Charter Season

It was an easy time. We had Linsley and Kevin Mordasky from Stafford Springs, CT. They’re very laid back folk and were up for anything we thought would be diveable.  We’d driven around Cape Ann with our morning tea/coffee and found that everywhere looked good.  The wind was calm and the sun was starting to break through the morning drizzle clouds.  Of course it was only about 55 degrees out and the water was due to be in the low 40s.  But, no matter.  We were happy to be going back to regular diving on weekends.

The crew was Pat and Pete.  I manned the lines and The Captain waxed mellow on the stern, leaning against the inflatable.

We picked a place that was out of the path of the ocean swells that were breaking all along the south facing coast.  It’s behind Kettle Island off Magnolia beach.  The site is about 20 feet deep, although Peter said he got to 30 feet at the anchor.  As predicted, the water was 43 degrees cold.  Visibility was about 10-15 feet.  It was good on the surface and on the bottom, but cloudy and murky in between.  It was also dead low tide.  The sun was coming and going while we swung at anchor so it was about 60 degrees onboard.

I went in with a newly repaired neck seal on my Atlan drysuit.  I’d Aquasealed it last night and, low and behold, the seal held after putting it over my head.  Now I had no dribbles down the front when I submerged.

On the bottom, I saw decorator crabs  on every abandoned lobster pot and lots living in the swaying brown sea weed.  They’re one of my favorite critters because no two are alike.  Imagine a skinny little guy in a day glo lime disco suit ogling a big, busty babe trailing tulle tendrils from her Martha Graham-esque outfit and that’s what one encounter resembled.

Kevin, and Linsley saw lots of big hermit crabs and a flounder being consumed by snails.  Their dive was up against the boulders of the island where they said the water was already 46 degrees.  We were all wearing ice masks and it certainly helps keep you warm in the early spring.

Since Linsley’s suit leaked, we decided it would be a one dive day and headed home for lunch at Morning Glory. 

Fish and chips.  Yum.

One Response to “First Trip of the 2009 Charter Season”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Miss you guys! I’ll be there as soon as I can! Two more papers, and one final exam to go. After May 19th, I’m all yours..!

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