Five Frogs A-Diving

The day wasn’t expected to be very good, but there were five members of the Northshore Frogmen who were eager to see the wreck of the USF New Hampshire. We awoke to a very calm morning, with clouds from the overnight rain sailing away to the east. We concluded that it was not going to be too bad at Graves Island.

Pat and Pete were crew while The Captain schmoozed and I drove the boat. Todd, Ryan, Marcus, Laura, and Paul were suiting up as we left the protection of the Annisquam River via the Blynman bridge. It sure made for a quick entry as we anchored over the remnants of the sister ship to the Old Ironsides.

Some people were going to be treasure hunting as they groveled on the bottom in 20 feet of water for copper items made in Paul Revere’s foundry.  Others were going to be videoing anything that looked interesting.  However, there were some glitches as dry suits developed leaks and wearers cut the dive short as a result.  No big deal, but disappointing nevertheless.

Visibility was reported as marginal at less than 10 feet and the water temperature was 43 degrees.  The sun kept trying to come out, but clouds were winning.

Everyone had some successes if they were treasure hunting.  I can’t imagine what Ryan’s wife will say when she sees the hunk of shipwreck he brought back.  There were sheathing nails and sheathing in abundance, along with other copper items.  Peter reported showing his glory hole to them and starting to dig himself only to turn around and see clouds of debris swirling as everyone got into the act.

We motored over to Kettle Island’s west side for the second dive in the hopes that it would be clearer there.  It was.  Again, there were countless decorator crabs to be seen as well as huge hermit crabs.  The crew amused themselves by feeding gulls and videoing their antics on the fantail of the boat.    There were shards of Cheezits and Club crackers on the gunwale and gulls were frantic to get their share.   By the end of the box, the boldest of them were snatching the food right out of Pete’s or Pat’s hand. What a feeding frenzy.

We were back at the dock by 1:45 PM and met son Rick and daughter-in-law Martha for a pool-based dive training effort prior to their cruise to Bermuda on June 5th.  And then it was dinner at The Gull for the family.

A good weekend, despite the predictions.

One Response to “Five Frogs A-Diving”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Arrrggghhh! My favorite place! I missed it again!

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