Horseshoe Crabs at Davis Neck

How long has it been?  10 years at least – maybe more – since anyone on the boat had seen horseshoe crabs on the hoof.  But that’s what Pete, Catie Childress and Paul S. did today at Davis Neck.

The weather was not great.  The breeze was 10-15 mph from the northeast (our worst direction), and there wasn’t much sun.  I wore a fleece top and my down vest as well as my fleece gloves.  And wool socks in my Crocs.

We stopped short of Plum Cove after powering up the Annisquam because there were rollers coming in from Essex Bay on our port bow.  I figured we’d be able to anchor in calm water if I pulled as far into the lee of Davis Nieck as I could.  It was the southwest side of the peninsula that borders Hodgkins Cove.

Pete, Catie, and Paul were together to try videoing critters.  Steve Gates was practicing with his new DUI drysuit.  Tom Childress was practicing with his new regulator.  Although the tide was rising, the water was only about 20 feet deep.  Visibility was marginal at 10 feet and the water was 46 degrees.

Kathy Cardinale joined us as crew and made the day memorable with her contribution of legal sandwiches.  She even docked the boat.  Pete made chicken noodle soup for everyone and it tasted as good as it felt to hold on to.  Pat Walsh was also crewing as was I.  The Captain is getting over a cold and directed traffic.

The group decided it wasn’t worth making a second dive, so we bagged it and headed for home.  Too bad the conditions weren’t nicer, but that sometimes happens, as we all know.

Nevertheless, we had fun and enjoyed seeing our friends again to kick off the season.

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