Light and Variable

But the wind was predicted to be coming from the northwest, so we powered under the Blynman Bridge with about 2 feet to spare.   The tide was going out so it was an easy exit.

We had Alex and Candi and Jim C with us as well as Pete and Pat for crew.  I drove and The Captain picked the spots.  Since Candi is in a beginner scuba class,  we started at the beach at Kettle Island.  We’d tried to get into Brace Cove, but there were long swells coming in from the southeast after a week of rain.  We turned around and cut over to behind Kettle where it was nice and flat.

Candi and Pete worked on her skills while Alex practiced on his first dive of the season with his now healthy knee.  It had had problems at the end of last season, but they’ve all healed away and he said it felt great.  Pete later said the water was about 47 degrees with lots of debris floating around.  Visibility was about 10 feet.

Our second dive was over at Diver’s Leap, a spot near the Coolidge Reservation in Manchester-by-the-Sea.  Pat and I watched a lobster boat dismantling the fish weir that had been extended from Saddle Rock out into the travel lane into Kettle Cove.  It was good to see it getting taken down.  We like to dive that site and couldn’t while the weir was there.  Pete had to set and pull the anchor four times because it wasn’t grabbing.  Finally we let out lots of scope and he went in to set it by  hand.  Then it held fine.

Jim reported that visibility was about 8 feet with lots of junk floating around.   He saw a large lobster with eggs.  We were anchored in about 20 feet.  The water wasn’t any warmer here and the tide had turned.  The wind wasn’t making up its mind and we swung at both anchorages from pointing towards the mainland to aiming out to sea.

The second dive was a short one for everyone and we made it back and under the bridge with inches to spare.  We even got the gong salute from Lynn and Phil on her mother’s deck overlooking the river.

Another nice day with nice people.

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