Friendly Faces

Dianne K. and Veronica were with us today.  It was Veronica’s first dive of the new season and her first crew day this year.  Dianne was visiting from N. Attleboro.  Pete was crew too.  I drove the boat while The Captain schmoozed.

We were experiencing the forecasted southwest winds as we left the dock.  It was an easy departure because the 15 knot breeze was pushing us.  We motored up the Annisquam and noticed the wonderful smell of lilacs blooming on the shore.  There were lots of rhododendron blossoms too – red, pink, white, and purple.  The tide was falling and we saw sand bars appearing under the yellow-green water.

We settled into Folly Cove with a stiff southwest breeze blowing off the shore.  There were lots of divers strewn over the rocky beach and several dive flags were already deployed along the eastern edge of the cove.  We seem to see more people diving that side this year than in previous seasons.

V, Pete, and Fred were in the water, while Dianne and I caught up on the news from her part of the world.  As long as I stayed hunkered down below the gunnel, out of the wind, the day was glorious.  If you stood up and got the full force of the breeze in your face, it was actually cold.

We anchored just off Calf Cove and the anchor set and held just fine today.  Pete checked it on his way and confirmed it was holding great.  We learned that the water here was 50 degrees, but the visibility was murky and debris-strewn again – maybe 10 feet.

Pete said he saw a pink flounder on one of the flat places along the wall and followed it down to the sand.   There he saw lots of sand dollars that had been upended by a line of lobster pots.  We all wondered how they manage to right themselve after a disaster like that.

We called it quits after one dive and, after returning to the marina, went to Morning Glory for lunch.  The Gull is just too expensive.

Good time.

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