Sunny Sunday

Now today was what I call a perfect diving day:

  • bright sun
  • no wind to speak of
  • no surge
  • no waves
  • no rollers
  • incoming tide
  • water temperature >50 degrees
  • visibility >20 feet
  • “legal” snacks
  • nice people

We had a full boat with Bethany and Harry from RI, Bill Low, Joe Finkhouse, Richard Brandolini, and Paul S. on board.  Since the weatherman said it would be nice, we chose to go north.  The breeze was just cool enough to make it pleasant, but no so cold that I needed two layers to stay warm.

Videographers and explorers were happy with Folly Cove.  Paul was on the trail of the scarlet psolus he’d spyed on an earlier trip.  The Captain and I were looking for more shots for this season’s movie.  Bethany and Harry were looking for dead sand dollars, while everyone else was just relaxin’ and pokin’ around.

I anchored just off Calf Cove and the boat was aiming into the incoming tide and a little westerly breeze coming around the point.  That petered out early and we swung through all the points of the compass.  I changed into my shorts.

We saw skates and tiny sculpins.  There were some anemones out in the overhangs.  Calf Cove was full by noon and its water was warmer than the rest of the cove’s.  It also had some distinct thermoclines.  Several folk mentioned that they’d felt a real difference between the 50 degree places and the 42 degree places during their swim.

I got a great shot of me tickling the tail of a skate.  The one of Richard in Calf Cove sparked The Captain’s imagination for more like that one.

Pete and Veronica Atlantis were crew.  Their help made it possible for us to get wet when there were six customers onboard.

Thanks to everyone who was with us today.  It was great to see you and to dive on such a beautiful day.

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