It dawned sunny and cloudless.  The breeze was from the northeast, but there was just a little of it.  We had Jacki K., Richard Brandolini, Susan and Ben from Belchertown, and Steve Gates from Chicopee.  The Captain wanted more video footage of Richard against the backdrop of the wall at Folly Cove.  Everyone was OK with that so we motored north on the Annisquam River at dead low tide.

I anchored right beside the steepest part of the west wall at Folly in about 25 feet of water.  Richard and I agreed to work together to get the desired shot.  He was great at hovering and not looking at the camera.  We saw an eel pout and it only wanted to get away, not have its picture taken.

The water was 52 degrees with a visible thermocline at about 10 feet.  The visibility was about 20 feet with clearer water at the bottom where the incoming tide was beginning to flow.  The sun was almost hot.

Jacki went exploring and found a mooring stone (?) in the middle of the cove just past the rock pile.  Pat was relaxing by floating in her dry suit and straw hat with her boots tucked under the swim platform.  Pete went hunting.  Steve was happy with the neck seal on his new DUI drysuit.  Susan was bubble-watching from the flying bridge while Ken explored nearby.

The second dive was deeper at the rocky edge of the wall across the cove.  I anchored in about 45 feet of water and the boat swung slowly towards and away from the rocks.  I found a large decorator crab that was as big as my hand.  It was marginally cooperative in my video efforts.  I also found a northern red anemone at the base of the rock pile.

It was colder here because it was deeper.  The visibility was a little better at 25 feet or so on the bottom.  This dive was shorter because I ran out of video tape.  Too bad because there was a lobster pot with a big cod in it along with two lobsters.  That might have been an interesting shot.  Oh, well.  Next time.

Nice day with mellow people and marvelous, cool, sunny conditions.

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