A Hot Soup Kinda Day

There was rain – and drizzle – and sprinkles – and showers.  I had full foul weather gear on.  But it wasn’t cold, and there was no wind.  We were going.

Janet M. and Bill Low were with us, as were crew Peter and Patricia.  The Captain’s dry suit had a leak in it but that didn’t stop him from issuing orders.  He’s The Captain.

We anchored behind Kettle Island and I worked on some video footage of Janet with her gorgeous new digital photo rig.  Bill was hunting as were Pete and Pat.

The water under the keel was 35 feet deep and the visibility was between 20 and 5 feet, depending upon who had been by, looking for lobsters.  We kicked it up ourselves some too.  Pat said it had been 50 degrees at 50 feet.  She and Pete had found a huge lobster down there that they estimated had a 7 inch carapace and was over 15 pounds.  Too large to take, obviously, but fun to see on the hoof.  I understand there was squealing involved that could be heard right through the regulator.  The lumpfish was still there too.

I got out after about 1/2 hour and made soup.  I was cold.  Janet stayed in for more tinkering.  Bill missed his desired one hour mark by only 8 minutes.  My chicken noodle soup was eventually devoured by all.

We tried for Saddle Rock for the second dive, but the wind had come up from the ocean and it seemed too bumpy and choppy there.  Clouds scudded back and forth between showers.  We drove back behind the island and I moved a little east to even more protection.  Now it was only 20 feet deep on a sandy bottom.  Janet liked this spot better for photography.

We ended the day under a cloudy sky, but with a rising tide so that the schlep of gear up the ramp was easier than when we loaded earlier.

I’m glad we went out.

The people were nice and we had fun.

Thank goodness for hot soup.

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