On a Scale of 1 to 10

It was an 11.

It all started in Folly Cove.   Water temperature was 58 on the bottom – sometimes.  Visibility was 25 feet most everywhere, which was good because there were video assignments from The Captain.  He wanted an extreme closeup video of a moon snail on the move and a long, rock-steady shot of a person next to a wall which is vertical with the person not necessarily in focus, but off to the left.  The rock wall should take up 2/3rds of the frame.  Sheesh.

Thanks to help from Linsley and Kevin Mordasky on snail patrol plus Peter and Catie Childress at the rock wall, we got some footage.  As it turns out, not the exact footage wanted by Cecil B. DeCalhoun.  Oh, well, there’ll be other days.

Strangle-hold or Deft Skull Balancing: You Choose!

Strangle-hold or Deft Skull Balancing: You Choose!

But they probably won’t be as welcome as this one was after a week of cloudy skies and drizzle/rain/dribbles/showers/mist.  Imagine a whole page of  rain on www.wunderground.com for Gloucester, MA.

The sun broke through the clouds and it was HOT (at times).  I saw crew member Kathy with sleeves rolled up and knew we weren’t in spring-purgatory anymore, Toto.

After we decided to find another place for the second dive, we motored over the top of Cape Ann to the Rockport Breakwater.   There was no one else near by and the visibility had cleared from the morning’s pot checking and resetting by lobstermen:

Rockport Breakwater

Still Anchorage on the West Side of the Rockport Breakwater

Tom and Catie joined me for a saunter along the rocks at about 20 feet.  When we’d determined that the visibility would be great, we drifted down to 40 feet and the silty bottom.  There were anemones open in rocky crevasses and too many abandoned, crushed lobster traps to count.  I found decorator crabs on one and Tom helped me gently herd them towards the video camera.  Here’s a picture of a cool crab cowboy:

The Crab Wrangler at Rest - Tom Childress

The Crab Wrangler at Rest - Tom Childress

The water was a little colder here, but the visibility was 30 feet or more, depending on whether anyone was looking for lobsters ahead of you.  And there was that sun factor.

We had a great day.  The gourmet lunch from Kathy was icing on the scuba tank.

The Captain even agreed.

Flat, Calm Sea with Captain Fred on Duty

Flat, Calm Sea with Captain Fred on Duty

All the above photos are by the beautiful and talented Jacki K.

2 Responses to “On a Scale of 1 to 10”

  1. veronica Says:

    Nice photos jackie!
    I am in Bonaire right now. The weather is hot but windy. Banged out a good number of dives. Lots of iguanas here. I found a shallow pool filled with iguana eggs.
    Lots of turtles too. The tugboat is at 96 feet. We leave today

  2. Ton Press Says:


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    I found your blog from bing. Really Great post.

    Will visit again.

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