Dodging Fog Banks

More of the same.  Drizzly week with showers and now fog on ALL coasts.  Going around Cape Ann early, we were able to watch the fog drift in from Essex Bay and obscure the opening of the Annisquam River onto the north side of the cape.  Not good.

A little breeze started as we were loading up and it was from the north.  It pushed fog ahead of it and we decided to scoot under the Blynman cut bridge and go south.  Fog was drifting off the land, but it was lightening up.  By the time we reached Kettle Island off Magnolia Harbor, it was almost sunny.  There were, however, long low rollers coming in from the east.  Nowhere looked surge-free.

We had Peter’s student, Chris, David Murphy, Steve Gates, and Doug A. with us, along with Kathy and Pat as crew.  The Captain was seated astern.  All were happy to be anchored in a calm spot behind the island in about 25 feet of water.  The visibility was about 10-15 feet and the temperature was 58 on the surface as the tide had started to come in.

Pete and Chris saw at least one decorator crab plus flounders and a skate.  Chris did great with his scuba skills too.  Doug was trying out his new drysuit with buddy Pat while David and Steve were exploring.

And then the sun broke through.  For a little bit.  Just to remind us what it looked like.

We moved to the protection of the bluffs across from the island for the second dive.  It was only 15 feet deep, but it was out of the line of the surge.  We were going to be fine unless the wind changed.

And then the breeze freshened from the east to about 15 knots.

The sun stayed out and Kathy commented that this was just the perfect temperature as far as she was concerned – low 70s with bright sun and cool breeze.

The divers found tons of moon snails doing their thing on the sandy bottom.  I was going to name it The Compound for the complex of mansions on the bluff, but Moon Snail City seems more apt.

Coming home, we saw lots of boats anchored near the greasy pole for the St. Peter’s festival’s pole walking competition.

The fog was encroaching from the east as Pete backed us into our slip.  We unloaded via a flat ramp and dropping temperatures as the sun got fogged over.

Sounds like early June conditions on the south-facing coast, doesn’t it?

Well it was really the last weekend in June, darn it!

Where’s summer?

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