That’s More Of The Same, i.e., fog/drizzle/showers/rain/overcast/cloudy/dreary.  Plus windy from the northeast.  What’s not to like?

We tried to talk everyone out of it – to convince them to take a free trip another day.  No takers.  It was Linda and Myanna,  Jim C., plus Chris finishing his open water work with Peter.  They were  here and they wanted to go.  Pat and Peter were up for it and The Captain didn’t want to be left behind.

So, we went back to Kettle Island and it was not bad at all.  Underwater.  It was 60 degrees there.  It was probably 55 above water in the stiff northeast breeze.  I had on full foul weather gear and a wool hat over my baseball cap to boot.

The hunters weren’t disappointed and Chris finished his course in fine style.

The hot chicken noodle soup disappeared quickly and I can’t actually confirm that no one poured it into their boots.

Then everyone went in for a second dive.  We never moved at all.  They reported visibility at 15 feet and saw lots of flounder and skates along with decent pickin’s for the lobster lovers.

What dedication!

What nuts!

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