Getting Better

The weatherman said it would be blowing from the south today.  But, the sun was supposed to be shining and that would be a pleasant change from all the rain we’ve been having.  Visibility was not going to be great for the same reason.

We had a full boat with Tom Childress, his daughter Catie, and his two friends Paul and Wanda from New York.  Also aboard were Tim Maxwell and Richard Brandolini.  The Captain was in charge with Pete and Pat as crew.  I drove the boat.  Because Paul and Wanda were newbees, I chose A.R.E.R. (the rock graffiti inside Folly Cove) as the site.  It’s just beside Calf Cove and the bottom was about 15 feet there.  It was in the mid 50s on the bottom as the tide advanced.

The tide was low and just starting to come in.  Pete and Pat helped Paul and Wanda while Tim and Catie went on a photo expedition.  I’m hoping for some examples of their work to post.  Pete and I went in to film a quahog returning itself under the sand after being exposed.  A big one (the size of your fist) took about five minutes to submerge.  A little one (the size of an orange) took less than a minute.

The second dive was across the cove at the rocky pier next to the Lobster Pool restaurant.  We anchored in 45 feet and the stiff breeze kept us well situated next to the boulders.  It was in the upper 50s on the surface, but still in the low 50s on the bottom. 

There were lots of ghost traps and their lines on the bottom.  I found the northern red anomone at his usual place right on the corner in about 35 feet of water. 

The flags were all snappin’ as we returned to the marina.  Docking was a piece of cake in the southerly breeze.

We had a good time and enjoyed the sun.

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