Who’d ‘A Thunk It?

It was supposed to be rainy.  It was foggy instead.  No wind, though.  That made the task of deciding where to go hinge on which fog bank seemed thinnest.  With Al Hicks and Richard Brandolini on board, no one was hard to please.  Kathy Cardinale, Pete and Pat were crewing.  The Captain was holding court from the stern.  Just as we finished loading up, the breeze picked up from the northwest.  Southward, Ho!

We hugged the coast as we cleared the Blynman Bridge.  The fog was thinning as we passed Norman’s Woe rock.  As we neared Kettle Island, the sun broke through.  Huzzah!

We anchored in the lee of the west end of the island.  It was 53 on the surface and 50 at 50 feet.  The bottom was bouldery and had little patches of white sandy shells.  The tide was going out, so visibility wasn’t that great.  15 feet on the surface and 15-20 feet on the bottom. 

I saw striped bass in the shallows.  Not big ones, schoolies.  There were also too many decorator crabs to count.  I videoed one that felt like it was resting in my gentle grip – not struggling to get free at all.  They all looked fantastic in their get-ups of sea weed and tunicate.  One even had an infinitesimal olive snail in its camoflage.

Richard found some big lobsters that were fun to video.  His small light made their features appear and then disappear in their lairs.  It looked eerie.

The sea was very calm and the breeze died.  It got hot and muggy.  Even though the ocean was cold, it felt good to descend from the summery steam above.  By popular demand, we spent both dives at the same spot.

We enjoyed Kathy’s gift of turkey sandwiches with ice chips or Sprite for lunch.  Lucky us.

The weathermen were wrong.

Thank goodness.

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