Pantone 75-1-4 C

Yep.  It was that kinda day: blue water, blue sky and blue horizon.  But none of the blues were the same as the others.

We had Deb Greenhalgh and Victoria from Rhode Island, Bill Low and Paul V. with Peter and Pat as crew.  The Captain was entertaining as always.  With the wind from the west southwest at 10-15, we could go pretty much anywhere we wanted.  Deb’s recommendation was the wreck of the U.S. Frigate New Hampshire.  OK by us.

The tide was high and we had to wait for the bridge to open so we could exit the Annisquam River.  There’s a new webcam you can view to see just what’s going on at the bridge: Blynman Bridge webcam.  I’m not certain that it would deter anyone to see a backup here, but it’s fun to watch it in realtime.

The wreck site is near Graves Island in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA.  It was clear today with underwater visibility about 15 feet.  But it was cold – 53 on the surface and 50 on the bottom.  Everyone got down fine and seemed to enjoy the dive.  There were ear issues but they were slowly accommodated and diving ensued.  Peter and Bill worked on skills for a while.  Deb and Victoria explored beneath the bouy marking the site.  Later, Paul joined Pete for a survey of the site because it was his first time there.

We looked for a second site with a little less exposure to the wind and waves.  Behind Kettle fit the bill.  This time Paul and I went down together.  Of course there were decorator crabs on every abandoned lobster trap.  They were yellow from the sponge covering their carapaces.  It was cold on the bottom at 30 feet and warmer in the shallows, but with less visibility up there.

As we powered back into the Annisquam, we saw Gauntlet, David Caldwell’s and Heather Knowles’ scuba charter boat, leaving the river with a passel of smiling divers on deck.  Everyone was enjoying the wonderful weather.

Lunch at the Gull Restaurant was in honor of Pat Walsh’s birthday.

Fun day.

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