It Kept Getting Better

The rain and wind on last Thursday night blew over trees and knocked out power for lots of people on Cape Ann.  Then summer started to return – slowly.

By Saturday morning, we were foggy, but expected it to get clear in the afternoon.  We had a full charter with Bethany and four friends and Tim Maxwell.  We picked the rock pile near the Lobster Pool restaurant for the first dive.  I anchored in about 40 feet and the boat swung lazily on the hook because there was no wind.

Everyone was at least a rescue diver, so we didn’t have much to worry about.  The tide was dead low and just starting to come in by the end of the dive.  The surface was warm at 62 degrees and it was even warm at the bottom at 45 feet.  But it was murky from the runoff of the rain.  The visibility was 10 feet if you were lucky and up against the stones.  On the bottom, I felt like I was going through a door into a dark garage and it closed behind me.  The visibility was closed down in layers and the bottom was dark, darky darkness.  I brought the video camera up and just had a fun dive in warm water.

We moved to the rocky shore of Lanesville, near Tide Rock for the second dive.  Here it was a little clearer and the water was still warm.  Again, little wind to cool our brows.  It’s summer for sure.

The best part was the almost flat ramp when we returned to the marina.  Incoming tide made schlepping gear much easier.

Good day.

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