Breezy, Foggy, Murky

Sunday was going to be interesting.  The weatherman predicted afternoon madness with thunderstorms, possible hail, possible strong gusty winds, and maybe pennies from heaven (I lied about the last part).  Anyway, it was blowing 10-15 knots from the southeast as we made it through the Blynman Bridge cut.  Martha and Leigha and Veronica and I were going to be working on scuba skills in stand-up water at Niles Beach.  Linda and Myanna and Richard and Robert were going to be lobstering and exploring, respectively.

I did all the skills without any mitts and didn’t mind the 60 degree beach water at all.  At the end, Martha and Leigha bobbed around in just their wetsuits and no hoods.  We all swam back to the boat when they returned to pick us up.

The dive had been murky but calm behind Ten Pound Island.  They even caught lobsters.  But we agreed that the prospects weren’t great for a better place somewhere else so we called it “one and done.”

The afternoon catastrophes never happened at all.  Not even a shower.  Go figure.

Maybe things will settle down next week.

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