Glorious August

Summer started to shine brightly and warmly today.  It began foggy, but cleared up by 11AM.

We had Peter’s beginner student, John Morrissey, Tim Maxwell (on his final trip before going diving in The Galapagos islands), Joe Finkhouse, Jim Castelli, John and Andrew on board.  Because of the student, Peter chose behind Kettle Island for the first dive.  Everyone disbursed quickly and pronounced the water clear and warm.   Huh?  Now you know I had to get in.  Sure enough, it was clearer than it’s been in several trips – 15-20 feet.  Warm is a personal perspective, don’t you think?  61 on the surface.  In the high 50s on the bottom.

Kathy Cardinale was tossing stale crackers for the gulls, but I couldn’t locate them for a video shot of  gull ‘tocks that I thought would go well with the clammoring for crackers shot we already have in the computer at home.  I was huddled under the boat, hoping it would mask my bubbles, but the gulls never came close enough to see.

Pat Walsh was crewing too and she helped everyone getting ready.  I don’t know what we’d do without all the fine work we get for free from our weekend dive team.

The second dive was at the wreck of the USF New Hampshire.  I think Pete was trying to hook John with treasure hunting right off the bat.  He succeeded because I heard John was fanning sand and groveling for goodies right away.  He got a hunk of sheathing that still had a nail embedded in the folded copper.  Lucky guy.

Everyone said they had fun, but lugging gear up a steep, low tide ramp after diving twice wasn’t.  The price we have to pay for our hobby is sometimes a  high one – especially when it comes to ramps.

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