Crystal Clear

On the bottom, that is.  Hazy, muggy, breezy, cloudy on the surface.  Maybe 69 degrees up top.

There was a request for The Breakwater and we decided to go.  It’s a super dive site off Rockport, MA and with the wind direction from the southwest, it might be do-able.   Crew was Pat Walsh and Veronica Atlantis.

We had John Morrissey, Peter’s beginner student, Jacki K. and Andy, and Dianne Kelleher with us.  Peter and John were planning on staying above 30 feet, but everyone else was in the muddy silt at 50 feet watching the dogfish congregate.  It’s very early for us to see them in groups.

You can imagine the excitement Veronica expressed when she surfaced and reported those small sharks were in.  She was thrilled to have been able to see them and thought there were about 100 milling about in the frigid depths.  She said she had been ready to turn around when she saw what she thought was Jacki’s fin.  Nope.  It was a dogfish.  Then more came and she realized it was a group that had herded small fish against the rocks and were having lunch.

The second dive was at Hoop Pole Cove on the very northeast corner of the island.  We saw two people spear-fishing with a little red float but stayed well away from their trajectory.  We anchored in about 20 feet and settled in for a more comfortable session than had been the case out at the breakwater.  Peter and John practiced scuba and self-rescue skills while Jacki and Andy explored.

I’m happy to relate that John Morrissey of Belmont is now the newest NAUI-certified Scuba Diver and plans to leave for 10 days in Abaco with his family in a few weeks.  Humph.

The raindrops started to fall just as we pulled into the slip at the marina.

So much for sunny August.

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