Stone Garage and The Silo

Two different sites near Bemo Ledge on the south side of Cape Ann were our choices for today.  The first one, which we call Stone Garage, is between Bass Rocks and Brace Cove, but closer to the former.  The shore landmark is a regularly shaped hole in the rocks on shore that is just about the size of a garage.  It’s square-ish and has reinforcing beams for a deck criss-crossing it these days.  I imagine it was designed as a boat house of some sort  many years ago.  The water was warm at 61 degrees on the surface and in the mid-fifties at the bottom at 25 feet.  Visibility was good at about 15-20 feet.  And there were lobsters.  They hide in the deep crevasses and notches that run along shore.  Dense kelp is beautiful to see and a safe hiding place for critters.

We had Darron Burke, Jacki K., John Morrissey and Paul S. along with Peter and Pat as crew.  The Captain was maintaining order on the deck.  I helped get everyone into and out of the water.  It was sunny and warm with a gentle northeast breeze even though the weatherman had predicted a southwest one.  The only bumpiness was from the wakes of passing power boats.

For the second dive, we moved closer to Brace Cove and a site we call The Silo.  It’s an onshore structure that is tall and round and resembles a farm’s silo.  It think it is used as a studio and/or observatory by the property owners.  Here the underwater terrain is more open and there are patches of rocks in a sandy plain.  Hunting is easier.

We finished the day with an easy climb up an almost flat ramp at the marina.

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