“They’re Everywhere – They’re Everywhere!!”

That was Veronica’s call from the port side as she surfaced.  She was talking about dogfish, a small shark that is a bane of fishermen but a treat for us divers.  Veronica is especially thrilled to see them because she has a relative of theirs tattooed on her hip.  Yup, she’s a shark hugger.

We had decided to make the run to the Rockport Breakwater because of a request from one of our regular customers – Jim Castelli.  He and Alan Hicks were with us along with Peter, Pat, and Veronica.  The Captain was the lookout.  I drove the boat.

The anchor was in 50 feet and the water temp was in the low 50s on the bottom, with a surface temperature of 61.  The thermocline was visible from the side as a greyish black line at about 20 feet.  I’d never seen it appear like that.  I thought I was looking at one of the lobster trap lines extending left to right, parallel with the breakwater’s structure.  Below the boundary, the water was clearer until you descended to the bottom.  Then the light was dimmed by the suspended material at the temperature boundary.  Strange.  And it made seeing the sharks eerier than it would have been normally.

They were skittish of groups of divers, but surrounded individuals.  Veronica was especially blessed with sightings that made her migraine ebb.  I guess they know a friend when they sense one.

The surface was a little choppy from the southwest wind, but it was OK.  The sky was alternating clouds and sun with the temperature in the middle 70s.

We decided to make a second dive in the same place to be able to dive with the sharks again.  Peter and Pat descended away from the wall and landed on the silty mud amidst a school of several hundred of them.  Veronica went down the anchor line and returned to encourage me to get in the water with the video camera because they were swarming down there.  Alan and I joined her for a guided tour.  I think our combined bubbles scared them because we only got to see two.  They were big ones however.

The water was not as cold as last Sunday’s dive, even on the bottom.  Last week’s analogy from Veronica was being hit in the face with a cup of slush.  It wasn’t that bad today.

We ended at The Gull with an early birthday celebration for Pete.

One Response to ““They’re Everywhere – They’re Everywhere!!””

  1. Veronica Says:

    Great blog! 🙂 It was a super dive!

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