The customers got ready quickly.  The Captain was even going to be on board.  Mike Russo, Linsley and Kevin Mordasky along with Pat and Karen Hatcher were old hands at the boarding process.  The only newbee was Matt Walsh.  He and Mike had rented everything from Ted Barnes’ Freedom Diving for Matt’s first cold water dive.  I stayed on shore for a Mental Health Day.

Kettle Island’s west side was diveable but the swells were still rocking the anchored boat from passing wakes.  Mike had been a student of Peter’s in a previous season, so he and Pete were Matt’s buddies.  The water was 63 degrees and about 25 feet deep.

The second dive was at Magnolia Harbor’s west side, under the bluff.  It was about 20 feet deep and had visibility of about 10 feet.  There were fewer swells here, but a striped bass fisherman was obnoxious.  Maybe they think the stripers hang out where divers bubbles are loud and there’s lots of diving activity.  Wrong!

Everyone professed to have had a wonderful time with the hot sun and warm ocean.

I know I did.

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