Coolish, but sunny.  We had a full boat of scubas who were interested in seeing the schooners leave Gloucester Harbor for their race this morning.  Then, Tom and Nancy Brand from Providence, Jacki K. and Andy and Anna plus Tom Finkhouse were open for anywhere that looked good.  We bumped our way south to Kettle and anchored in the area protected from the 15 knots of Northeast wind that the morning had brought.  We shared the general area with Fran Linnehan’s Down Under and Cape Ann Divers’ smaller boat. 

Veronica was crew as was Peter Donahue.  Pat Walsh was still relaxing on Martha’s Vineyard.  The Captain and I were passengers today.

The anchor hit in 25 feet of 63 degree ocean.  Visibility was about 10 feet in some places and a little better others, but nobody seemed to mind.  It was good enough.  Tom said they had been in 3 foot visibility at Ft. Wetherall in RI on Saturday, so this was an improvement.  Veronica reported a very big sea raven right under the boat.  Jacki K. saw a whole rock surface covered with what seemed to me to be limpits from her description of them.  There were some stripers up in the shallows too.  And, plenty of lobsters.

The second dive was over at Coolidge Point, a.k.a. Saddle Rock.  I turned the corner from the breeze and anchored in about 30 feet behind the bluff to stay warm.  The early afternoon sky had some puffy clouds that sometimes blocked the sun.  Then it got cold.  Happily, that only lasted a few minutes and then the sun returned.  But it was a foreshadowing of the months to come.  Dang.

Peter reported a large, square boulder under the boat that seemed unusual.  There was a school of pollack and cunner too.  The shallows were sunny and full of life. 

Everyone seemed to have fun and we were able to unload with almost a flat ramp.  Sure beats some of the Labor Day weekend conditions of the last few years.

More fun tomorrow.

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