The boat was full today with Bethany, John and Rick from RI, along with Joe Finkhouse, Alan Hicks, and Peter’s student, Joe.  Pat Walsh was crew as was Peter Donahue.  The Captain’s back is improving, so he was in his chair on the stern. 

We wanted to find calm water, but the wind was making that tough.  It was blowing and gusty at 15-20 from the NW by 8:30 AM.  The Captain and I had toured the south-facing coast with our breakfast in hand earlier and decided that the Stone Garage area would be best.

I set the anchor in 25 feet of water directly across from the rocky hollow that looks like an abandoned boat house.  The water was 59 degrees with about 30 feet of visibility according to Peter and Bethany.  There was a passel of curious pollack that pounced on Peter’s attempt to feed them.

We were so impressed with the great visibility that I only moved 1/4 mile west for the second dive.  This was just off the Silo nearer Bemo Ledge.  Joe and Alan were exploring and hunting as was Peter, but the visibility was only 10 feet here.  Quite a surprise.

Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer and calmer.

Let’s hope.

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