Quirky Weather Update

OK.  I understand.  It’s October 10th.  What can you expect?

We had Pete, Pat, and Joe Finkhouse today and morning showers left over from Friday’s downpours.  It wasn’t foggy.  It wasn’t windy.  The bumps were manageable.  It was the vis that was sucky.

We headed out to Old House Cove for the first dive.  The breeze had picked up and the tide was just starting to come in.  Pete and Joe were exploring and hunting.  The Captain was roaming the stern and coiling line.

The sun was hidden by scudding clouds after about 15 minutes at anchor in about 25 feet of water.  I had on my windbreaker and two shirts.  Plus socks in my Crocs.  Pat had the hood of her windbreaker lashed down tight.  It was getting colder because of the wind.

The divers reported vis between 5 and 10 feet with a water temp of 54 degrees.

We decided to try another site with hopes of clearer water.  The wreck of the Charles Storer is in about 20 feet off Dolliver’s Neck in the outer harbor.  Joe had never been there and was game to try since it would probably be the last dive of his season.

Pat took a picture of the land bearings with her phone:

Land Bearings on Dollivers Neck for the Charles Storer

The highest point of rock has two vertical lines running down it towards the water.  That marks the spot of the wreck about 50 feet off shore.

There is a large winch and wreckage around it these days.  Less to see of the wreck than ever.  The vis was about the same and the temperature was still 54 as the tide was rising.

We had quite a time getting back into the slip as the wind had picked up too.  Pat pulled and I pushed and we managed to dock without any dings.

More to come tomorrow.

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