Somewhat Better

Still bumpy, but not as windy.  To start.

We only had Bill Low and Vio, a beginner scuba student, today, with Pete and Pat as crew.  The Captain maintained order at all costs.

We tried to get out of the harbor, but the wind said, “Oh, no you don’t!”  Turned around and settled in Old House Cove.  It was 52 degrees in 20 feet of water.  Visibility was 10 feet or so.  Pete and Vio snorkeled for a while before donning scuba gear.  This is a great site for that because there are rocky shallows that can be interesting terrain for a student.

We saw some passing boats, but, happily, they generated not too much wake and surge.  There were gaggles of some different kinds of ducks (eiders, I think) and small terns dived for crackers and Chex Mix.  They had yellow-tinged legs and danced on and just above the wavelets as they pecked at the handouts.

As the wind picked up, I wanted to find a calmer anchorage for the second dive.  The eastern side of the harbor looked better than where we were, so we upped anchor and scooted over to the shelter of the museum named Beauport.  There was a mooring with a whip antenna sitting empty right in front of the structure.  Pat took a picture with her phone:

Beauport Museum taken from the mooring out front

Beauport Museum taken from the mooring out front

Pete and Vio continued with scuba skills and Bill Low went back in even though he had a ripped cuff in his dry suit.  He is a determined diver, that’s for sure.  He saw two Northern Pipefish, we think.   There were also lots of skates and sea ravens, as well as bottles.  We speculated that this was a place where wealthy imbibers bobbed at anchor and then tossed their empties overboard.  Of course, the fact that the bottles are mostly for milk made the scenario more specific because they must have been drinking White Russians.

The day ended in fine fashion with Pete buying everyone lunch at The Gull.

Good fun.

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