Best of the Three Day Weekend

Calm.  Clear.  Windless.  Cloudless (almost).

Fog-less and rain-less, too.

Oh, and degree-less.  That means it was cold.  42 degrees in the Honda Civic Hybrid as we woke up for the look/see and drive-around Cape Ann, searching for a good place to take the crowd that were coming up from Rhode Island today.  Deb Greenhalgh, Fred Ward and three friends were raring to go and picked the wreck of the USF New Hampshire for the first dive when I told them we could go practically anywhere they wanted.  The three unknowns were Bobby, Mary and Clayton – all good and experienced divers, it turns out.

I anchored on a mirror, using Cape Ann Divers’ red and white striped mooring to make it easy.  I was wearing three layers and heavy socks, so standing in the sun warmed me up a lot.  Fred wore a hooded sweatshirt from The Sunken Ship on Nantucket and our friend, Phi Osley.  On top of that was his trusty denim jacket.  Bobby made the dive with a 3 mil suit and five finger gloves.  The water was 50 degrees and with about 15 feet of visibility.  There was treasure at the end of the dive and everyone was ready to go somewhere pretty.

I chose the easterly side of Egg Rock because it was protected from the sea breeze that had kicked up.  This time I dropped the anchor near the long notch running the length of that side of the island in about 25 feet of water.  Deb and Fred were doing videography and photography, respectively.  Mary and Clayton were going to be swimming hard to get and stay warm.  Bobby had a dry pair of lobster claw mitts from our bottomless Bag o’ Mitts because the only part of him that was really cold were his hands.  He praised the three-fingered design and vowed he’d have a similar pair for his next trip up north.  It would probably help to have remembered his 7 mil suit too.

Visibility was better here at the rock at 15-20 feet.  Mary reported that an urchin barren stretched along the notch and kept it open for viewing.  She and Clayton had traversed almost the whole length of the dive site by the time they were done.  The Captain and I tucked into the chicken noodle soup that Deb had brought and Peter had cooked.  There were oatmeal raisin and chocolate fudge cookies in there somewhere too.  Just holding the cup of hot soup helped a lot.  I think the wetsuit divers can attest to that.

The drive home was easy and we were able to tag along behind Seaya as he went through the Blynman cut bridge at full throttle even though the tide was with us.  Sheesh!

We tidied up the boat after three days of fun and took off for a short work week.

Only four more charter days until the boat goes up into the yard for the winter.


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