That’s what Peter called the tiny fish fry that were huddled behind wreckage at our dive site this morning.  We were going out for the first time this season with Steve Gates, Jacki K., Andy from Worcester, Pat and Patty.  The weather was way above great for the first of May – warm enough to be helping people get dressed while wearing a tee shirt.  This is certainly one of the best starts we’ve ever had, weather-wise.

The water was cold, the air was warm, and the visibility was about 20 feet at 20 feet.  I wore my Atlan drysuit and the heavy weight belt because the suit had dried so thoroughly over the winter.  It was a struggle to get to the bottom of the down line, but the extra lead helped.  Once there, I was able to get comfortable and explore the area for any new treasures that the winter had uncovered.

I saw lots of nudibranchs and their white spirals of eggs.  There were tiny flounders about the size of a deck of cards.  You only noticed them when they scooted out from underneath you as you settled on the sand.

Pat and Peter found copper treasure from the USF NH and shared the dig site to be sure they were able to come back for more.

There were some leaks and some cold hands and some shivering, so we decided to limit it to one dive today.

There’ll be time for more all season long.


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