That’s what the sea’s surface resembled today.  No wind at all.  And no boat traffic to speak of.  We had the place to ourselves.  The place was the back side of Kettle Island with the anchor set in about 25 feet.  The visibility on the bottom was 30 feet or so.  Marvelous clarity to go with the ~80 degrees of top side warmth.

Today we had Bill Low, with Peter and Pat Walsh as crew.  The Captain is nursing his new knee and taking it slow.  I drove the boat and worked on getting some video shots for this year’s movie.

Because I was lugging the camera, I wanted to be sure I wasn’t too heavy.  Yesterday had ended with me bouncing along the sand.   Too much lead.  Today I used my tropical weight belt, my Fenzy, and felt a little light until I got to about 30 feet.  That’s where I found the abandoned lobster trap where the decorator crabs had taken up housekeeping.  I staged a set up with a big, frilly brown one and it turned out great.  Rock steady camera and the motion of the crab doesn’t seem frantic.  He’s curious, you can tell.

Peter found skates, flounder and an ocean pout curled under a big rock at about 40 feet.  No keeper lobsters yet.

Bill made both dives at Kettle and we pronounced it a spectacular Sunday.

Can’t wait for more.

2 Responses to “Mirror”

  1. veronica Says:

    Whoa! You went out already!?!? Bill Low told me awhile back he was scheduled to go out with you.
    So…. the season is officially on… 🙂
    water temp?

    • easydiverchris Says:

      Hi, V –

      Yup. The season’s started. The water temp wasn’t super cold, but I don’t know exactly what it was. Bill Low might know. I was glad to have my ice mask.

      We saw fishy stuff and didn’t get too sun-burned.

      Hugs, Chris

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