USF NH & Egg Rock

The day dawned clear, bright and less windy.  Phil on the barge near our slip wanted to know what we were going to do today to provide entertainment.  He’d seen everybody scampering over the docks yesterday and wanted more.

The Captain’s knee was better, but still not 100%, so Pete and Veronica were in charge today.  It was good to see the trees shaking less violently than they did yesterday.

We had Laurent Dubois, Bill Low, Jacki K and Andy, and a newbie – Steve.  They were up for chewing through the wreck of the USF New Hampshire for the first dive.  The reports were that the visibility was poor and, of course, the water was cold.  It was 45 degrees on the sand.  Laurent found pieces and parts of another spike.  Everyone else was site-seeing and getting back into the groove of diving after a long winter.

There are fish weirs at Kettle Island, Coolidge Point, and off Egg Rock.  It’s easy to see them with their surface floats.  We try to avoid them to be sure there are no entanglement issues with the customers.

The vote was for the northeast side of Egg Rock for the second dive.  Pete reported that he anchored in 37 feet of water, near the wreckage.  He dropped through murky water until he entered a zone of over 20 feet of visibility on the bottom.  He managed to measure a too-big lobster, but also caught a legal one.  He saw another eel pout, curled up under a rock.

Lots of help docking this time.  The locals are super-quick to come to our aid when there’s a “reverse wind” pushing against us as we try to return to the slip.

Nice people.  Good day.

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