Here We Go!

Now the fun really starts.  It’s warm, sunny and almost windless – a Memorial Day Weekend for the ages.  We drove around the cape, looking for good conditions and found that going north seemed best.

As we powered up the river we saw a sailboat, the Alceyon, stuck on the same sandbar that had risen up and grabbed our keel last weekend.  The man and woman on board seemed calm and secure, so we just waved and puttered on into the oncoming tide.  Not many boats on the river, but Mary Scalli was at her window after The Captain hailed her from several houses down river.

We had Catie and Tom Childress, along with LD today.  Pat and Pete were crew; The Captain was feeling “hail” and hearty, and I drove the boat.  We decided to anchor in about 15 feet in Folly Cove for Catie’s first dive of the season.  The water was 55 degrees and it was very clear – at least 20 feet of vis.  Pete and Catie and LD went exploring and videoing, while Tom tried out his new fuzzy undergarment with his drysuit.

I saw lots of razor clam siphons open in the sand, but they closed up as soon as I settled nearby.  There were hundreds of sand dollars and hermit crabs cruising the bottom.  As the tide rose, I drifted into Calf Cove on Folly’s west side.  It’s beautiful, calm, and bright in there.

For the second dive, we went around the corner to Lanesville Shores, a.k.a. N*ked Man Beach.  There are usually sun bathers on the rocks near Tide Rock and the cemetery.  They are usually men.  That’s how we named the site.  It was 37 feet to the bottom, but Pete and Catie made it out to the mud at 60 feet.  The report was that it was very clear but freezing there.

LD saw a long ocean pout and a skate, but no other critters.

I started down the anchor line, but couldn’t completely clear my right ear.  At about 20 feet, I turned right and headed up into the shallower water.  Under a rocky ledge, I videoed fish with white chins.  Each one glowed in the shadows.  They scattered on my every exhale, but regrouped and advanced on the camera in between breaths.  Fun.

We ended early for a cookout at Pete’s, with the a rain shower for company.  It didn’t spoil the food or the fun.  Then the sun came out.

Tomorrow’s supposed to be even warmer.


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