Everyone agreed on it.  Groveling for “treasure” on the USF NH was the destination this morning.  Catie and Tom Childress had asked for it specifically and that was fine with LD and Pete.  Pat and I had no preference.  The Captain was just happy to be out and about.

As  I putt-putted into about 35 feet of water off Graves Island, we realized the other three dive boats on the site included Arnie Patiglio’s.  There was lots of waving and gesturing and OK signals to indicate we could nestle up to the rock beside them.  If fact, they were done and were graciously offering up the best anchoring site to us.  Everyone got into the water quickly.

I was just getting my kit in order when a sleek, yellow fishing boat with two guys in it sidled up to the stern of our boat and asked for help retrieving their anchor.  Since there was no one else available, I volunteered.  I soon met Allan and Mike who were super helpful getting me equipped to dive off the east shore of Graves for their buoyed-off, but firmly wedged anchor.

Thanks to work done by Pete and LD before we left the dock, my Fenzy’s automatic inflator was working perfectly and I was able to unwedge the anchor and carry it to the surface by opening the compressed air bottle in the vest.  Slick.  Although they offered to pay me and to give us striped bass fillets, I didn’t want to take anything for the effort expended.  Pat yelled, “…just pay it forward!”  What a great phrase for closure.

We made both dives at the same anchorage at Catie’s request.  She had found the top half of a spike with the US letters stamped in it.  The fever had overtaken her at that point.   LD and Pete were digging and pounding and I understand Catie was rolling boulders around to get at the best, untouched stuff.  They didn’t even hear us reset the anchor when it broke loose with the rising tide.

The day couldn’t have been lovelier; the people couldn’t have been nicer; the diving can only get better with warmer water.

Can’t wait.

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