Storm Dodgers

Pete and LD took the boat out even though there were predictions of torrential rain and thunder storms.  As they pulled out of the marina, the sun broke through the clouds and fog.

They anchored at Kettle Rock in about 60 feet of water to avoid the fish weir that is still draped over its northwest corner (the best anchorage).  Pete reported that it was “frickin’ freezin'” on the bottom, but crystal clear.

There was hunting and there was gathering and there was success and there was one that was “going to be too big tomorrow.”

As he ascended, Pete noticed that the visibility was deteriorating.  Near the surface it became fuzzy and cloudy.   Maybe that’s because the surface is warming, or because it’s getting rained on.  The NOAA water temperature buoy says it’s 57.9 degrees F.

We used the time to video Cathedral Rocks for the land shot of this year’s movie.  It was 80 degrees and muggy/sunny over there.  Feels like summer’s here already.

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