A Cup of Mist with a Side of Drizzle

Didn’t order that, but got it anyway.

We drove around and found it looked OK at Cathedral Rocks.  That’s the site of this year’s video, so we’re going there often.  We had the good eggs from Connecticut today:  Kevin and Linsley Mordasky plus Pat and Karen Hatcher.  They’re up for anywhere.  Plus we had Pete, Pat and Veronica for crew.  The Captain almost brought his gear and I drove the boat.

It started to drip from the cloudy skies as we passed Mary Scalli’s house on the Annisquam river.  The Captain loves to hail her on the PA and we all wave madly when she comes to the window.  Today it was mixed with scrambling for our foul weather gear.

When we pulled around Point de Chene, we saw that there were long, low rollers coming in from the south east on a rising tide.  They weren’t so bad that we turned around, but there was hardly any wind to keep us pointed into them after we anchored either.

Everyone was into their gear expeditiously and descended into the dark water.  Turns out it was both dark and cold.  Oh, joy.  Veronica and the Mordaskys encountered a current as well.  That’s unusual at Cathedral Rocks, but it was almost high tide.  Pete said it was 52 degrees at 33 feet.  Visibility was rotten but he saw a school of pollack and a northern red anemone.

We moved back to the north side of the cape for the second dive.  On our way, we were boarded by the Environmental Police who had been waiting for us to get underway from Pigeon Cove.  I’d noticed them idling as they circled a boat near its entry.  They didn’t leave when they finished its examination.  Hum.  Maybe they’re waiting for us to pull anchor.  Sure enough, they stopped us just off Halibut Point in rolling sea.  We suggested a move to Folly Cove for the procedure, but they weren’t having any of that.  When everything proved to be in order, they were off in that direction at full speed anyway.  No surprises.

The second dive was at N*ked Man Beach near the cemetery on Lanesville Shores.  I anchored in 25 feet and those so inclined got into the water quickly.  I understand it was 48 degrees on the bottom, but the visibility was considerably better.   The sun almost peeked through the cloud layer a couple of times, but then it started sprinkling again.  There was no wind.  The ocean was flat.

Conditions weren’t great, but we had good fun with nice people.

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