A Hot and Sunny Double-Header

The crew was one short today because I was walking to help raise money for a cure for ALS with other members of my lab from UMass Medical School.  It was the annual Timlin event at Hopkinton High School.  The Day Lab receives lots of support and funding from the Angel Fund which was running the event, so many of us went to help.  I foolishly decided to join the walkers at the last minute, wearing my flipflop sandals.  Two monumental blisters later, I’ve decided to bring sneakers and socks to next year’s event – or not be so impulsive about joining in.

However, from what I heard from The Captain, Pat and Peter, there was enough fun to go around in my absence.  They anchored for the first dive at Stone Garage with Steve Gates, his friend, Ray, Al and Candace F. and Al Hicks aboard.  The visibility was 20 feet in 25 feet, but the water was c-o-l-d.  Peter said 48, I think.  There were lobsters caught.  There was video shot.  There was divemaster instruction given and taken.  Bubbles were watched, and divers dived.

The second dive was just down the way to the house with the silo out front.  Pat anchored over a 12 foot high boulder and it housed enough prey to satisfy the hunters.  Sandy patches and other small boulders dotted the 25 foot deep landscape.

Pat drove the boat through the Blynman bridge both directions without needing an opening.  And she docked the boat as well.  True talent.

Al, Pete and The Captain went out again right away with Kat Apse along.  She was going to be Al’s victim for some diver rescue exercises.  They anchored at Old House Cove for the first dive and then moved to Niles Beach for the skill session.

Everyone was pretty wiped by the time the day ended.

Including me.

More fun tomorrow.

One Response to “A Hot and Sunny Double-Header”

  1. veronica Says:

    Good for you doing the walk for ALS. That’s a scary disease. My neighbor here is Salisbury passed away due to that nasty disease.
    Flip flops?!?! Bad for your feet and bad for your back!
    Yes, the water was *&^% ing cold on saturday. I did a early morning “swim” at beach. OMG the F’s were flying!

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