Hot and Muggy

Deb Greenhalgh joined the crew for some fun at Cathedral Rocks, the subject of this year’s video project, according to The Captain.  We arrived at the dive site off the sofa at Cathedral in just under 45 minutes.  We’re timing the trip from both directions to settle it once and for all.  Which direction is quicker when you’re leaving the Cape Ann Marina – up the river to the north or through the bridge and around the Gloucester breakwater and up along the back shore? Today we clocked the time for one of the directions – up the river to the north.

The water was kind of murky at 35 feet and c-o-l-d.  Pat was in her semi-dry Mares and felt the chill deeply.  We were trying to perform for Peter’s video according to the directions that we had received from Cecil B. DeCalhoun on deck.  He wanted us to fin over Peter’s and the camera’s head as we “sailed down the slope” at Cathedral.  I don’t know how much “sailing” we did because I was huffing and puffing after the third take.

The breeze was refreshing and from the south west, so the site was protected and flat calm, just the way I like it.  Pete saw and shot two Northern Red Anemones.  I saw a wayward pollack, but no other fish.  We hauled anchor after about 45 minutes.

The second dive was going to be on the sheltered northern side of the cape and Lanesville Shores looked good as I pulled around Folly Point.  It was dead low tide and the shallows were pleasantly warm-ish.  The thermocline at about 25 feet marked the depth at which it got much clearer but also much colder.  There was that 48 degrees again.

We saw big and too-big lobsters and the hunters were happy.  I saw starfish, or sea stars for the politically correct name, scattered about on rocks and noted that they were equidistant from each other.  Maybe they were staking out their territory.  Maybe they were warring factions.

The ride back down the river was interesting because the depth sounder kept registering “- -” in feet over the sand bars.  That means it’s too shallow to record.  Not good.  I drove the boat and gave a huge pleasure craft lots of room at Mary Scalli’s turn because he was going to need it to keep from going aground on her sand bar.

Not too many boats were out, but we were and it was grand.

Surprise visit from daughter Liz and Mike Ahern for Father’s Day put the icing on The Captain’s weekend.  They’re good kids.

One Response to “Hot and Muggy”

  1. veronica Says:

    Happy father’s day to the captain!

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