That’s “sharks!” with a Boston accent.

Dogfish are in and it’s only late June.  Usually we don’t see them until late August.

The first dive had been at Cathedral Rocks with J.K. and the crew.  We had murky, cold, dark water and that was going to be the headline for this post.  I think I heard Pete say it was 48 on the bottom at 40 feet and 52 on the surface.

I swam with my new, birthday present of a ScubaPro regulator, videoed and found a maroon burrowing anemone as well as some kind of worm that had a puffy extension which vanished as you swam up to it.  It reminded me of the Christmas Tree Worms in the Caribbean.  Its disappearance was that fast.

So, we decided to move back over the top of Cape Ann for the second dive.  I picked Lanesville Shores and anchored in about 30 feet of water.  Pete and J.K. got in first and I decided to use the rest of the tank from my first dive.

As I settled on the sandy bottom, I noticed shapes in the distance.  They came closer as I slowed my exhales.  They were dogfish.  Woohoo!  Beautiful, sleek, and supple, they seemed able to turn on a dime.

I surfaced to tell Veronica that there were sharks here.  I knew she wouldn’t miss the chance to be in the water with them.   I wasn’t wrong.  From what I heard later, Pat and The Captain stuffed her into Pat’s Mares semi-dry suit because she was too sticky from a quick swim to get back into her dry suit.  She wore The Captain’s size 12 boots too.  If you’ve ever seen Veronica, you know that they were w-a-a-y too big.  No matter, she made it down and we re-engaged with the circling fish.

I had trouble videoing them because they keep moving.  If I hold the camera steady and wait for them to swim into sight, they don’t.  I just wanted to get V’s face through the mask on tape because she was transfixed.  It would have been a super shot to have included a shark in the frame.

The ride back down the river was uneventful and it was an easy docking with a south westerly breeze.

Memorable day.

For another take on the day, read Veronica’s blog.

One Response to “Scha-a-ahks!”

  1. veronica Says:

    As jackie gleason would say, “how sweet it is!”

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