Folly Cove vs. Fiesta

I decided that we didn’t want to go south today because it’s Fiesta weekend and Gloucester Harbor traffic is insane for the greasy pole and the seine boat races.  Plus, it was a rising tide and we’d have to wait for the Blynman bridge both going out and coming back.  We had Pat and Pete as crew.   The Captain was in rare form.  I drove the boat.

Since we had Al Hicks, a divemaster candidate, and J.S, a First-Dive-of-the-Season, Certified but beginner, we agreed that Folly Cove and its easy to navigate wall was the best location.  The breeze was freshening from the south east as predicted, so the anchorage was cool and refreshing.

Al was working up to a bailout with multiple plunges from the swim platform with more and more gear in his arms.

Although there was great visibility from the surface, underwater was a different story.  Al and I made a dive along the wall and had about 10-15 feet of visibility.  We saw lots of hermit crabs, flounder and zillions of sand dollars.  There was also a large striped bass heading into the cove along the same wall we were using.

I videoed a little flounder and watched for more bass, but none arrived.

Pete reported the water was 48 on the bottom and 52 on the surface.  I didn’t wear my ice mask and felt fine in my dry suit.

We stopped after one dive and came back to the condo for more book work.

It was a good day and a super weekend.

One Response to “Folly Cove vs. Fiesta”

  1. veronica Says:

    I think every beach area was nutso with festivals.
    Salisbury beach had their annual “sand & sea ” event which I had attended on sunday. I love to see the dog parade. It’s hilarious!

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