After Almost 8 Months…

…The Captain went diving today.  His new knee was in good shape and he was able to get back into the boat without a ladder like he always does.

We had LD with us along with Pete and Pat as crew.  We were bound to Cathedral Rocks to get more footage for this year’s movie.

I anchored in our usual spot, right off shore of the stone house owned by Attorney Faherty.  We were in about 40 feet.  The bottom was in the high 40s, while the surface was still chilly in the low 50s.

We saw beautiful Northern Red Anemones:

Northern Red Anemone by LD

The water was murky near the surface, but clearer deep.  It ranged from about 15 feet to over 20 feet of visibility.

For the second dive, we needed to catch lunch for Peter’s cookout on Monday.  That meant Lanesville Shores.  The Captain went in again and didn’t die.  WooHoo!

The water was a little clearer and a little warmer here, but not much.

Good times.

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