Kettle and Egg

The fun just never stops around here.  More heat.  More humidity.  More sweaty undergarments for dry suits.

The Captain has moved to a Mares semi-dry as his exposure suit du jour.  The other one with the attached hood was made for a diver who was 6’1″ or less.  6’3″ feels squoshed into it, he says.  He was an especially happy diver today after the first site – Kettle Island’s west side.  It was warm  – in the high 50s – up in the shallows.  It was very clear – ~ 20 feet.  Jacki K. and Sandy saw stripers up there.  Andy and John Bulman buddied for hunting purposes.  Pete and LD were also hunting for Pete’s upcoming cookout – “anytime after 4 o’clock.”  Pat had ear issues after two days of diving, so she was the lookout.

After an idyllic session at Kettle, we headed to Egg Rock’s east side for the second dive.

How could it get so much colder just 1/2 mile away?  Pete said it was 52 on the bottom, but I think I also heard him say that the lobsters were wearing mittens.  The tide was coming in and I saw a thermocline at about 30 feet.  Seaweed drifted through the many fissures and crevasses around the dive site.   I used up the rest of my tank from yesterday and was noting a fogging in the view finder of my video camera.  It sure reflected the difference between the air and the sea water.

We were happy with the little sea breeze that came up after noon.  It made the trip back into the marina bearable.  The car registered 82 degrees as we headed out for ‘dogs and ‘burgers at Chez Pete.

The rest of the poor people were suffering 100 degree temperatures inland.

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