Ominous Clouds Overspreading

The weather people got it wrong.  The morning wasn’t overcast and foggy.  It was crystal blue and clear.  And it was getting hotter, if that was possible.

They were also predicting thunderstorms in the afternoon.  There they didn’t miss.

With a light breeze coming in from the south, we decided to go north and up the river.  We had Jacki K., LD, Steve Gates, and Kevin and Linsley Mordasky on board today, with Pete as crew.  The Captain reveled in being able to get back in the water.  I drove the boat.  Although I had hoped to get to Thacher Island, the breeze was freshening and there were low rollers coming in from the southeast as we turned the corner at Halibut Point.  We decided to settle for Gully Point instead.

It was comfortable on the boat and the breeze had picked up a little with lots of cooling effects in the bargain.  We saw many kayakers coming out of Rockport Harbor and passing by on their way out to the end of Straitsmouth Island.  We saw a little, gray inflatable with three divers behind us in about 50 feet of water.

We were anchored in about 30 feet and the divers reported visibility of about 15 feet and temps that ranged from 48 in 60 feet (behind the boat) to about 52 in 25 feet (in front of the boat).  Everyone noticed the cold.  The Mordasky’s saw several flounder up in the shallows.  They also saw filmy, soft-looking sea weed covering the many rocks.  The hunters got some prey.

The second dive was back around the point to Lanesville Shores.  I dropped anchor in about 15 feet because we were over a boulder.  The drop off was pretty dramatic but cold again.  There were no dogfish around today.

As we were ending the second dive, a line of clouds darkened and deepened until a brisk breeze started from the north.  It made us swing on the anchor 180 degrees.  We hustled the remaining divers aboard and hot-footed it back to the marina where we practiced using long lines to get us back into the slip.  They worked fine.

Tomorrow should be fun too.

One Response to “Ominous Clouds Overspreading”

  1. veronica Says:

    I was hoping you missed the storm.

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