Flounder Catching with No Holes in The Fish

We had lots of luck today:

Pete Catches Flounder Without Any Holes

The ocean was empty of boat traffic this morning – possibly because the weather forcasters said there would be rain and thundershowers popping up.  After the downpours of yesterday afternoon, people were probably leary of venturing out on the ocean.

The south coast had been getting rollers from the storms so we decided to go north.  We were lucky to get super weather.  The fog and haze burned off by about 10 AM and the trip up the river was refreshingly cooled by a northerly breeze.

Linda G. and Myanna were with us along with LD.  Pete and Veronica were crew.  The Captain rested his new knee and I drove the boat.

We settled into Lanesville Shores’  Tide Rock for the first dive.  The stormy weather had stirred up the bottom, so the visibility was marginal on the surface.  At 30 feet, however, it was chilly and clear – about 15-20 feet of visibility.  The specifics were between 48 and 52 on the bottom, depending on how deep you went.  Up in the shallows, the temps were much milder – 57 degrees, but visibility of only about 10 feet.

The hunters were  happy with the site, but I wanted to try somewhere else for the second dive.

We ended by moving up the coast to Folly Point’s little inlet.

Peter was willing to try to catch some flounder by hand while I videoed it.  He was extraordinarily successful!  It worked great during the first three times he tried it.  Little did I know that he’d had results in only about 1 in 10 attempts in the past.  Maybe these flounder wanted to be in movies.

The hunters liked this place too, so everyone was pleased with the day.

One Response to “Flounder Catching with No Holes in The Fish”

  1. veronica Says:

    I think everyone was a happy little turtle wiggling our bums 😛

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