High and Dry

As we motored up the Annisquam, we saw three sailboats lodged securely on three different sand bars.  It was dead low tide and there had been a swiftly moving thunderstorm during the night.  It seemed all of these voyagers had been at anchor versus on a mooring and had dragged aground.  Here is a brown sailboat perched askew on a bar near the A. Piatt Andrew bridge:

Aground Sailboat

The photo is by Paul F. Frontiero Jr

The rowers are part of the Blackburn Challenge – an around the island race in human-powered craft that is documented in this entry in GoodMorningGloucester.com

We continued up and over to Folly Cove with JK, LD and Joe Stark on board.  Joe was making his first dive of the season after having been certified last fall.  We wanted somewhere safe, calm, and shallow for this session.

The water was a little cloudy but warm enough to be pleasant – 57 on the bottom and 59 on the surface.  There were swimmers in bathing suits in the cove.  We saw a pair of Great Blue Herons flying south over the cliff.  Pete and Pat were crew, The Captain was too heavy in his weight harness and I drove the boat.

Our second dive was just inside the little cove at the top of Folly Point.  The tide had started back in and the water was a little colder as a result.  Up in the shallows, however, it was very comfortable and sunlit.

The brownish gold seaweed floated softly in the shifting ripples.  Little cunner were curious about my camera lens until I exhaled.  Then they all scattered.

Good day.

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