An Even Better Day

We’ve been getting wonderful weekend weather for diving and today was one of the best so far.  It was 90 degrees in the air and the breeze was 10-15 from the south west.

We had DK, JK, LD with Pete, Pat, and Veronica as crew.  DK wanted some refresher diving in New England water, so The Captain and I went to the little beach on Kettle Island with her.  She did great even though she didn’t get into cold water at all last year.  She only went to Bonaire (poor kid!)  The rest of the boat took off for the point – about 1/2 mile away.  We could see them and Pat could see us.  It helps to have that reassurance just in case something happens.

The water was so warm that I didn’t use my mitts when D and I went for our little jaunt.  I didn’t need them.  Peter reported that the water was 63 degrees at 25 feet and 69 degrees on the surface.  People were swimming into the beach from their moored power boats in just bathing suits.  Hardy New Englanders.  The visibility was about 15 feet in the shallows at around 20 feet.

We anchored for the second time just across the channel at Divers’ Leap.  It was a little colder on the bottom because the tide was coming in – 59 degrees.  The visibility was a little worse here.

There were skates and hermit crabs galore.  LD videoed one catching a ride on a moon snail’s back.

JK and Veronica saw a striped bass up in the shallows at the point.

We had good fun.

P. S. Check out Veronica’s version of the tale at her blog, Saint Atlantis.

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