Foggy Bottom

It was so foggy today that we couldn’t leave the harbor.  We made two dives at or near Old House Cove, plus one beach – teach at Niles for a grandson who’s just starting.

We had a very mellow group on board: Laurie and Erik Sernavsky (daughter and grandson), Bethany and Harry from Rhode Island and LD.  Pete and Pat were crewing.  I was teaching Erik while The Captain was schmoozing in waist deep water with his daughter in the inflatable.

I’d grabbed what I thought was my warm water suit, but it turned out to be 2XL – guess who it really belonged to.  Making do, I rolled up the cuffs and pulled on my warm water boots.  No mitts, no hood.  It was shockingly chilly at full, high tide at Niles, but soon I grew accustomed to it.  Erik’s rental suit from Cape Ann Divers fit to a T and he was plenty warm – and floaty.  We stopped at 24 pounds on his belt.  He was in stand-up water and learned mask clearing, as well as regulator clearing and retrieval.  No problem-o.  I think I can remember what it felt like to be 13 and open to anything.  He exemplified it.

When the whole group reassembled for the second dive, we watched the fog roll over the beach where we had been standing and advance across the harbor towards Stage Fort Park.  As noon approached, the fog was getting worse, not burning off as it usually does.  I was glad we’d turned around after attempting to get to Brace Cove.

The second dive outside Old House Cove was to about 25 feet and Pete said it was in the fifties on the bottom with good visibility.  The hunters were happy.  The sight-seeing folk asserted that the visibility was better than they usually see on the south coast, so they were happy too.

Returning to the marina was very exciting because the tide was running out and we were roaring into it.  A large boat ahead of us set up standing waves and I came as close to hitting first one side and then the other of the cut’s walls as I ever have.  It was nerve-wracking and scary and tense and ultimately successful as we slowed down in the river.  Everyone ( well, at least, me) breathed a sigh of relief as we putt-putted into the slip.

Nice day.

Good people.

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