An Emmy Award-winning Day

How perfect.  Light northerly breezes with bright sun and clear skies.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather.  Along with customer LD, we had Pete and Pat as crew.  The Captain was diving wet in his Mares Semi-Dry and I was in my Atlan semi-wet dry suit.  I’ve poked holes in the neck seal neoprene and the Aquaseal is peeling away from the rubber.  There is a gush of water as I descend, but then I forget about it as I get involved in what I’m doing.

We also had these stalwart characters aboard:

Linda and Kerry Hurd and Their Emmy Awards

Linda and Kerry Hurd and Their Emmy Awards

They won for their work with Jonathan Bird’s Blue World.   The plan was to find somewhere with clear enough conditions so that Kerry, LD, The Captain and I could all shoot some video.

We picked the east side of Kettle Rock for the first dive.  It was 55 degrees at 25 feet with about 25 feet of visibility.  There were flounder and skates and decorator crabs and lobsters – all ready for their close-up, Mr. DeHurd.

As a southeasterly sea breeze freshened, we decided to move to a more protected side of the island – the southwest.  Here the visibility was 50 feet at 50 feet, according to Pete.  He said he could see his breath, however.  It was 45 degrees.  More decorator crabs posed for Kerry, but I didn’t see any at all.

Up in the shallows we saw schools for mid-sized cunner.  The water up here was 57 degrees and the visibility was fuzzier.  The fish were very curious about my camera lens probably because they could see themselves in it.  I got some set-up shots of swimming towards the camera, but didn’t see any big fish.


It was a glorious day of fun diving with good people.

One Response to “An Emmy Award-winning Day”

  1. Linda Hurd Says:

    We also had a wonderful day. The boat and dives were excellent. After the dive we all went to Halibut Point to celebrate Pat’s birthday (belated). Thanks Pete!

    Crew as always-outstanding!

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