After a long week of hot, humid, muggy days, the weather turned cool.

We were happy to have JM, LD, Richard and Bob, plus Kat today.  It meant an easy time.  We headed off to the wreck of the USF NH for the first dive, expecting the day to warm up considerably.  Pete and Pat were crew.  The Captain was filming Kat and I drove the boat.

The water was murky and cloudy from the digging that had been going on all morning, as evidenced by the two boats that were already moored at the wreck when we set anchor.  We heard that Arnie P. had already collected two spikes earlier in the day.  And it was only 10:30 AM!!

JM bubble-watched, while everyone excavated their own patches of terrain.  We’re hoping to get him to consider being certified as a scuba diver by showing him how much fun we have on trips like today’s.

I wore my little bomb of a tank, my warm water weight belt and my Fenzy to video what I could in spite of the visibility (or lack thereof).  I saw a clump of day-glo orange sea weed and did a set up shot with it.  The stuff almost quivers with the brilliance of its color.  A surprised sea raven got too spooked to film and no other life was out and about that I could see.

The second dive was to the southwest corner of Kettle Island.  Here it was 57 in the shallows and 52 on the bottom.  I didn’t stay on the bottom very long.  Following a string of abandoned lobster traps, I was looking for decorator crabs to video.  I found a shy guy, cloaked in yellow sponge and with little spirals of yellow sea weed on  his shell.  He completely blended in on the smashed trap where he was living.

I’ve been cautioned by The Captain to shoot these little guys from the side only.  They’re too hard to distinguish from the background otherwise.  Shy Guy wouldn’t cooperate, so I let him be.

Our trip home was quick and uneventful.

Nice time with nice people.

One Response to “August-ish”

  1. veronica Says:

    See???? Thoughs “little bombs” make diving so much more enjoyable!

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